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Outlook 2007 language has changed?

19 Sep Outlook 2007 language has changed?

Microsoft has had issues with patch KB4011086, if you find the language differs in outlook, remove and hide the patch.

this may help:

This CMD script will do a “one time fix” from a network share. You can set it up in GPO as a startup script.

It ONLY works if you have a good “OUTLLIBR.DLL”

Replace everything between the ** **

@echo off

REM Checking if already deployed (delete txt-file manually if fix needed)
if exist “\\**Networkshare\folderwithdllinside\Fixed\**%computername%.txt” goto END

@echo off
Rem Recover Office 2007

taskkill /IM “outlook.exe” /f

XCOPY “\\**Networkshare\foldernamewithdllinside**\OUTLLIBR.DLL” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\**1043**\” /E /Y /C /Q

@echo off
REM Create a ‘have been deployed’ check-file
echo %date% %time% %computername% > “\\**Networkshare\folderwithdllinside\Fixed**\%computername%.txt”
goto END


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